Winter Body Bounce Back. Easy ways to get fit– even in winter!

Ah, the heart of winter. Long gone are the frantic Christmas buy-buy-buy-sale-sale-sale commercials, in and constant are the gym membership, Lap Band 30 second spots. Madness, really. My behind is still sporting the holiday cookies and I am bombarded with everyone’s New Year blah blah “GET FIT!”goals.

If you are like me, you too stifle your screams as you walk into Target to see their newest arrival: Bathing suits. Like me, maybe you, a possessed moth to the flame, grab multiple sizes for the suit you like (size I think I am, size I wish I am, and size I actually am) to take into the dressing room. Now normally, conspiracy theories are for the wackadoos of the world but you can’t be standing in front of that three-way mirror and not be swayed into thinking that Target is personally trying to make you weep. How else to explain their cruel, cruel lighting?? The lighting that shows EVERYTHING. Every chocolate, every birth, every pucker and droop. Everything. In glowing Technicolor. Isn’t the goal to SELL bathing suits?! I leave there with only the desire to buy some new anti-depressants. And maybe a hammer. To smash all the florescent lights.

So what do we do, us busy mamas, us busy people who at any given moment are everything to everyone but ourselves? Surely there are many different ways to set on a path and continue our goal of New Year’s health. I go with and demand “Siminfun.” Simple. Inexpensive. Fun. Let’s break it down shall we?

First, sit down. Have a cocktail. I need you to fuzzy the memory of what just happened at Target. Ahhh, there. Better?

1) Ponder! What was your favorite physical activity when you were eight years old? (Um, I hear you and no this isn’t stupid, just do it!!) Let’s say you come up with dancing. And jumping. And laughing. Good. There! You did it! Well done!

2) Ready, Set, GO! Now wait a bit for the wine to wear off, then get in your car and drive to Dick’s Sporting Goods (603 431-8036) in Newington. Go to the back of the store and ask one of their cutie-patootie sales guys where the mini trampolines are. Purchase and carry out your $39.99 box of delirious happiness, go home and set that bad boy up in the middle of your living room floor. It is now time for to embarrass yourself in front of your neighbors by putting on your daughter’s Carly Rae Jepsen CD waaay too loud and start jumping. Within ten seconds you will be smiling. Laughing. Singing off key to lyrics you don’t know. Just 30 minutes a day to shake your booty and free your mind of all the “have to’s” —doesn’t get much better than that! Sure you will feel silly, but you will get over it, quick. Especially when you rediscover that little bounce in your step.

3) And the bounce leads you to… Bundle up and walk around the block …away from the Mooooooom!!! and the Calgon commercial in your head. Ten minutes. Breathe the air. Quiet your mind. Think of it as your own mini spa day in a pinch.

4) Continuing on! That walk may lead you to a free yoga class at Lululemon in Portsmouth. Not only will you look fabulous in your new active wear, that place has more positive energy than the sun. They have an all levels running group too, because when you get jumping, walking, laughing you may find yourself RUNNING!

5) You are what you eat. And think. Consider talking to a low key, friendly non-yelling Nutritionist/Lifestyle Coach. A wonderful gem on the Seacoast is Certified Nutritionist, Cindy Dickens (603-531-7556) She can get you on track in a gentle hug kinda way. Arm yourself with as much information as you can and see how one cookie instead of five can make a big difference. Get your positive on with a “Can Do!” attitude, which you naturally already have, now that you are using your trampoline. Be like Dori in Nemo. Keep on, keeping on sister!

The Conclusion: Little steps, not the ones that advertise you fitting into a bikini by May will get you on the road and take you where you want to be: happy & healthy! And if that wasn’t enough, you have now cleared your mind, you are energized and actually more present for the ones you love; snowballing to new roads of growth, change, passion and success! Get on that trampoline today ladies! And while you are at it, the hula hoop is calling you from aisle #4….

About the Author: Andrea Ardito is a writer and Mother of three who doesn’t even pull the shades down when she’s on her trampoline because she’s too busy rockin’ out to care. Check out her blog at 

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