Inside Activity: Green Bowling, more fun with recyclables.

Here’s another inside activity that you can set up within minutes using every day items that you have around the house.

First, gather up ten pieces of recyclables (cereal boxes, milk gallons, water bottles—no glass!) and set them up in a ten-pin bowling formation on a hard surface floor.

Then, find a couple of balls…almost any ball larger than a tennis ball will work. Have the kids stand back about ten feet from the “pins” and then let ‘er rip! Each player gets three chances to knock down all ten pins and is responsible for resetting the formation once their turn is over.

Want to make it educational? Set up a score sheet where kids can count and track their score (little kids can practice number writing and the older kids can tackle complex addition equations). Between selecting the recyclables, finding the balls and playing the game, we figure you’ll net about 30 minutes of time to yourself. Score!


Have you tried green bowling? What is your favorite inside activity when the weather doesn’t cooperate?

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