If you’re anything like me, your kids (or you) have no less than 6 socks in their bureau with no match. I keep thinking that the companion sock will show up someday, somehow, and I want to be able to facilitate the happy reunion. But it never happens. So I’m still stuck with a dozen or so socks that are totally useless. What to do with useless items laying around the house? We fashion them into craft projects for the kids. Obviously.

Check out these super cute crafts using those old socks that will never be worn again. Not on your feet anyways.

Sock Horse

Instructions for this awesome sock horse craft can be found at Light Blue Grey.



Minimal sewing and skill level needed here–perfect for me! Check out the instructions for making this socktopus at Kix.

Sock Plant Holders

How cute are these spring planters? The directions for this Sock Covered Planters project can be found at Decor Hacks.

Heat Pads

Rice heating pads are quick and easy to make! Instructions for these hot packs can be found at Lil Blue Boo.



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