Procrastination buster: Pick 4 things and do them today. Every day.

If I really put my mind to it, I could avoid a certain chore for a month. Maybe (probably) more. But then, there it is, that *thing* I need to do. It stares at me, it heckles me, it pokes me in the back like a feather sticking out of my down pillow. I’m sick of it!

Here’s a new little thing I’ve come up for myself to avoid the guilt and self-loathing that come from Chore Avoidance.


In the morning– like before you’ve gotten out of bed or while brushing your teeth– come up with four things that have been nagging you that you can accomplish today. They don’t need to be big things, just things you need to get done. For instance, yesterday mine were: put the hamper of kids’ clean clothes away, write the thank you note to my nana, clean out the Brita and put water in the hermit crab cage (ok, truth, sometimes I like to toss in some throw away chores, makes me feel like I’ve accomplished more, so what).


Then, do them. And the earlier the better, because as the day gets later, things get pushed to the side due to other prioritized tasks, like actually feeding your family, etc. etc.


Revel in your own productive glow. Once you start tackling these little nagging tasks, you realize how quickly most items can actually get done. I did all those things in less than 30 minutes. Not all at once, but tally it up, 30 minutes total.


Wake up the next day and pick four more things. Do those.


Take notice. Look around your house. Remember that stack of papers on the countertop? I bet you took care of that yesterday. Remember those dust bunnies on the stairway. Swept up the day before. Man, you are GOOD.

What are your secrets to getting and staying ahead of the chore racket? Share them below in the comments!

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