SKC needs restaurant recommendations! Where do you like to eat?

SeacoastKidsCalendar loves seeking out new restaurants that are great for family nights out—but we want to hear from you! What are your favorite places to go with the family? Or, is there a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? Please use the comment box below to share your restaurant recommendations and we’ll add them to our Review List. Breakfast, lunch or dinner—we’ll try them all.

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  1. Malena Roberts

    My Family loves the Texas Roadhouse! The unlimited bread is AMAZING. We go on Mondays because it’s kids night. The kids meals are $1.99 & come with a free gift (usually a silly straw or a toy). My husband is in love with their ribs & I love the filet steak. This is our favorite place because our kids can be kids. There is so much going on between the line dancing, drawing on the floor & the armadillo that no one notices if your kids arent the most well behaved. The staff is super friendly & it is the only restaurant I have ever been to where a manager comes to the table for no reason other than to say hello & ask how our dinner tastes. 5 stars from the Roberts family.

  2. Irina

    We love, love, love Shio Japanese Restaurant, located by the Big Lots in Portsmouth (2454 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, 603-319-1638). The menu offers a wide variety of Japanese food and the sushi is simply spectacular. The restaurant also has tatami rooms which are private dinning rooms that are perfect for a romantic dinner or if you bring the kids. This is truely a gem!

  3. MHL

    Shio is awesome. I definitely agree with that. The best sushi around. And my kids (3 yrs old) love to share the chicken teriyaki. It’s plenty for both of them, and they even love the vegetables that are included in the meal.

    One of our other favorites is RiRa. They actually have a very nice kids’ menu with lots of options. And it’s noisy enough that your kids don’t have to be super quiet the whole time. They provide crayons and a nice placemat for coloring, etc. And mom and dad get to have a nice beer and some good food, too.

  4. Michele

    Love the Friendly Toast any time of day! While you wait for food it is so fun to play “I Spy”!

    Adelle’s Coffehouse in Dover is my girl’s favorite for their banana or pumpkin bread- and the coffee makes mommy happy!

    Duston’s Bakery in Dover has a great deli for picnics or to eat in for breakfast or lunch.

    Barn Tavern in Dover has “make your own pizza” for the kids- they bring all the ingredients and after the child puts it together they take it to the oven!

    I totally agree with what was said about Ri Ra’s – my daughter loves going there and the food is delicious.

  5. Hey there – Mojo’s in Portsmouth has a Kidz eat free special on Tuesdays. We have gone a couple of times and the food is great, the dining area is separated so the kids love it – just overall nice and easy for us. If we hear of any more, we will pass them on!

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