STEM at Home: Educational fun curated by the McAuliffe Center!

Framingham University and the McAuliffe Center has curated a number of resources that anyone can use to enrich the home learning experience with hundreds of resources that can be sorted by grade band, subject matter and intended audience.

Visit the STEM At-Home page to access all of these wonderful learning resources!

Topics include:

  • Bringing the lab to your home: Digital Labs
  • Chemistry, Do This at Home!
  • Exploring the Ocean, Air, and Land
  • Inspiring Humanity
  • Journey through Stars, Galaxies and Other Worlds
  • LOW to NO Screen Time
  • Planetarium & Science Visualization at Home
  • Playing with Math
  • Playing with Physics and the Science of Sports
  • The Biology Space
  • Virtual Science: Museum Experiences and More
  • Science in other Lanugages (ES, POR)
  • Science Simulations and Technology
  • Science Stories and resources for very young learners
  • Webcast, Videos and More
  • WGBH – Broadcast Options for Remote Learning
  • Webinars
  • Coding and Hack-A-Thons
Other Fun Activities from Framingham University

AstroNights: Join us at 7:00pm on select Fridays for a half-hour presentation exploring everyone’s favorite astronomy topics. From the colorful characters in our own solar system to the weird and wonderful things far beyond, each program is sure to contain something of interest to armchair astronomers of all ages.

Feature FilmsFilms produced for the planetarium include some of the most spectacular visualizations of scientific phenomena ever produced.

Youth Launch Pad: Exploration abound with subjects like Life and Death of Stars, Other Solar Systems/Other Earths, and Origin/History of the Universe.

International Space Station Image of the Week: Did you know that astronauts on board the International Space Station take hundreds of photographs from space every day?!


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