Mass Audubon trails now closed to support the stay-at-home advisory.

It brings us great sadness to inform you that, to support the stay-at-home advisory given by Governor Baker, we will be closing all of Mass Audubon’s wildlife sanctuaries and trails to any visitation as of noon on Tuesday, March 24, until further notice.


If ever there was a need for the benefits of being outside, it is now!

Mass Audubon is opening up 38,000 acres of protected land for you to explore for FREE! Visit a favorite trail, or try a new one. While you’re there, take a deep breath, slow down, listen to the sounds around you, seek out signs of spring and enjoy nature.

And while our buildings have temporarily shut-down, our 38,000 acres of protected land is there for you to explore. Share what you see on Mass Audubon’s Facebook page or tag them on Instagram. We may have to socially distance ourselves in person, but we can continue to be a strong community online.

Need some inspiration on where to visit? 

A few important notes if you do plan on visiting: 

  • If you see others there, remember to socially distance yourselves and do not gather in large groups.
  • If we feel a sanctuary is getting so much visitation that socially distancing becomes challenging, we may need to close the sanctuary.
  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, there will be no bathrooms available.
  • For your safety, please do not play in the Nature Play Areas.
  • See additional guidelines for the safety of people and wildlife.

Mass Audubon relies on memberships and admission fees to maintain our property and provide education programs. During this difficult time, we have opted to open our trails free to everyone. If you would like make a donation, you can designate your gift to the sanctuary you visited.


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