Has your child been venting and begging to do something really different for their birthday celebration this year? How about a very creative experience with friends and family?

VENT in Portsmouth offers an alternative activity space that allows (and highly encourages) kids to be wild without the worry of anyone holding them back! Let them throw paint on the splatter room walls and ceiling, enjoy finger painting, mix colors, and share all this expressive fun with friends and family!


Kid’s Birthday parties start at an 1 hour and 15 min reservation for up to 8 kids (16 kids max with an additional 15 mins required) at Vent which includes: 10 mins for arrivals and decorating their box for their painting/ 20 mins creating in the splatter room guided by one of Vent’s hosts / 30 mins of free time for you to host cake/food in the lounge (15 mins is reserved for transitions and flex on timeframe).

Vent’s splatter room holds a max of 8 participants, for ages 5-12 years old, at a time. If your rsvps are 9-16 splatter participants you will need an 1 hour and 30 min reservation as we will run 2 separate splatter sessions. An extra activity gets added on along with an extra splatter host. Contact Vent for customized party details.


Mini caddy with the primary colors, 3 paint brushes, an 8×8 inch canvas to create on and take home in a box, long sleeve smock, gloves, shoe covers, hair net, and goggles. They will be guided by one of Vent’s hosts in the splatter room on how to mix colors along with adding in black or white paint to create different hues for their splatter art!

The Lounge is provided with napkins, cups, plates, water, full table and chair set up, splatter birthday banner, disco lights, and projector and screen (upon request)


$35 per splatter participant

$125 fee for the base 1 hour and 15 min lounge reservation

$25 for every extra 15 minutes added onto the base reservation

$25 per adult (18 years and older) for a mini smash session


$5-$80 Canvas choices for the kids to collaborate on and create together for the Birthday Kid to take home (this is an addition to their included 8×8 canvas)
$25 Vent T-shirts they can color and design on with paint (we use acrylic paint that stains and stays for future wears!)


An adult has to be present in the building at all times. Kids participating in the splatter session must be between 5-12 years old. If younger than 5 years old parents are required in the splatter room. If older than 12 years old you are required to book under the regular party option.


Reach out for a customized itinerary…Invite family and friends as our lounge holds up to 50 people. Come to relax, enjoy the party, bring in your own drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and/or sign up for a mini smash session (18 years and older only) while the kids are in the splatter room!

Book a Splatter Party at VENT Today!

In addition to SPLATTER Rooms VENT also offers SMASH Rooms as a therapeutic glass breaking experience (for ages 18+) outfitted with a lounge for hosting all types of gatherings. Explore more of these experiences here!


95 Brewery Lane unit 8
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 491-7620 (TEXT or CALL)
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