Tips on making the *perfect* Fairy House. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Fairy Houses are the latest craze in connecting kids with nature, and they are super fun and totally cute! Building Fairy Houses are simple and require only natural supplies and big imaginations! And of course, you have to believe in fairies!

Ready to get started? You must follow the fairies’ strict building code.

Choose your Location
Locate a safe, protected spot far away from the road and poison ivy! Gather only building materials found in nature, such as sticks, stones, shells, nuts, feathers, acorns and pine cones. Let your imagination run wild, but never disturb nature—fairies do not take kindly to uprooting any living thing including flowers, ferns, and moss.

Building a Strong Foundation
Insert sticks and bark into the earth and prop them up against each other to form walls and roof (you can use wood glue for a sturdier hold) or use a stone or small log to serve as main structure.

Decorate the outside using pebbles for an elegant pathway or line up pine cones to create a fanciful fence. A large seashell filled with water transforms into a beautiful dipping pool for our spritely friends!

Fairies Love Gifts
To attract the fairies to your structure you can leave enticing gifts, such as crystals, silver, or gold. Fairies love natural things with a shimmer and a sparkle.

It is usually easier to hear fairies than to see them. You may notice a change of light around the house or perhaps a distant sound of laughter or music. This is most certainly an indication that the fairies have moved in. To hear the fairies’ voices, you must be very quiet and listen to your inner ear. You may see a sudden glimmer out of the corner of your eye, but if you turn to look, the fairies will disappear.

You will find that fairies can be nonsensical and tricky, yet madly poetic. Consider the possibilities next time you “lose a sock in the dryer” or drop your toast butter-side-down. This could be the fairies having a bit of fun with you. Happy hunting!


Have you made fairy houses? Share with us your tips in comments below!

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