Written by Sarah Lefebvre (a school teacher) from Worcester Central Kids Calendar

15 End-of-year teacher gift ideas! As a teacher, I should have a good idea about what my child’s teachers would like for teacher appreciation, end of the year, holiday gifts. And yet, this is probably the exact reason that it actually makes gifting to teachers so intimidating.

I conducted a highly scientific experiment (by talking to a handful of teachers I know at various grade levels), and here is what they said are the best end of the year gifts they have ever received.

  • “My favorite gifts of the past included a positivity charm bracelet, a vase made out of pencils (so creative) and a Barnes and Noble gift card.”
  • “A framed photo of the class in a decorated frame was my favorite gift.”
  • “I love getting practical items — a Starbucks or local coffee shop gift card says thanks in a useful way.”
  • “One of my favorite students gave me a small handmade frame with her picture in it. I loved it.”
  • “A bag of delicious coffee. Yum!”
  • “A little succulent plant or other potted plant.”
  • “A donation of supplies or books to the classroom. Some teachers have their wish lists on their class website, but anything to contribute to my classroom is always so nice to have.”
  • “Summer time means books, ice cream, some sun… I have several students who have gifted gift cards to a local ice cream shop. My family loves that gift!”
  • “I love to get senior portraits with notes of thanks, memories, take-aways from high school. Sometimes this is accompanied by a homemade treat and sometimes not. It is meaningful and a way for me to remember that student.”
  • “My students know I am passionate about film. One gift I received was a plastic movie theater popcorn box filled with packets of popcorn and other movie snacks like milk duds and skittles. There was also a nice note and a couple of local movie theater passes. It was so personal and thoughtful.”
  • “Gift cards are greatly appreciated. Teachers often use their own money to buy classroom supplies so Target, Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards are the best! – We don’t see it as impersonal at all, very thoughtful.”
  • “A book by an author we studied in class or on a topic that we shared a common interest in. It is meaningful and shows me that they actually listened in class!”
  • “My favorite gift(s) from a student has and always will be artwork to hang in my office. I have several paintings cluttering the walls and each one reminds me of that specific student. Kids always like looking at the artwork, too.”
  • “This year, I had a student write me a little poem accompanied by a heart felt note. That was the best gift I have ever received.”
  • “Anything I can use in my classroom – extra supplies, book donations for the library (even if they are used!), a poster or sign for my wall. We spend a lot of time in that room and we love to have mementos from past years and former students.”

So ditch the “Greatest Teacher Ever” mug and have the kid write a note or draw a picture of thanks to the teacher. Anything that was memorable to the student or family from that year will make the note that much more personal and meaningful. It will be something the teacher treasures and remembers always!

What are your go-to teacher gift ideas? Tell us about it in comments.


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