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It’s our mission to provide comprehensive care and support parents through each stage of parenting. Relief – Parenting Respite & Resource Center offers a safe and trusted community space, a place that supports families and provides a non-medical, emotional, and educational model of care so that all parents get the relief they need and deserve. Through rest, parenting consultations, health and wellness classes, childbirth / parenting education, and opportunities to connect in community, we intend to transform the culture of parenting away from isolation and self-reliance, towards interdependent support. It truly does take a village; let’s create that village together!

Choose from the many classes and playgroups for all ages and stages. We also offer on-premise childcare. Come join us today!

Child & Caregiver Classes

Tummy & Mummy Time with a PT
Join Dr. Allison Chisholm, PT, DPT, and owner of The Moving Peanut, for a fun filled playgroup!
What you can expect:

  • Age-appropriate activities for your baby
  • Handling techniques to help with your little one’s movement
  • Connection with other parents who have babies of similar ages
  • Open Q&A with a pediatric PT

Ages: 0-6 months
Day: Thursdays
Time: 11:15am
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes (must be used within 6 weeks)
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Cruisers & Crawlers
Join Dr. Allison Chisholm, PT, DPT, and owner of The Moving Peanut, for a fun filled playgroup!
What you can expect:

  • Pre-crawling skills including transitions and tummy time movement
  • Identifying crawling red flags and how to help
  • Discussion of post-crawling skills, including pulling to stand, standing at a surface, and side stepping
  • Get your gross motor questions answered by a pediatric PT!

Ages: 7-12 months
Day: Fridays
Time: 10:15am
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes
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Sing, Sign & Play!
SSP is a fun, interactive class for you and your little one! From this class you can expect:

  • A fun introduction of a circle time for your little one! You and your child will learn Sign Language paired with songs. Each week we’ll introduce new signs (keep your eye out for Reliefs IG/FB posts about each weeks topics).
  • Big body movement while dancing with scarves and popping bubbles.
  • Practicing skills such as stopping our body, object permanence and labeling body parts while using shaker eggs.

Experience a supportive community where you can share parenting frustrations and celebrate achievements, and a safe space to ask parenting questions. Attending SSP is a great way to meet other parents and make new friends!

Days / Ages:
Mondays at 10:15am for ages 18 months – 3 years
Tuesdays at 10:15am for ages in lap-18 months
Thursdays at 9:15am for ages sitting – 3 years
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes (must be used within 6 weeks).
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Speech & Language
Join Kelly McClintock, MS, CCC-SLP, for strategies that you can use at home to help your child build a strong language foundation for life. Each class will include hands-on parent-child activities. Speech and Language will have a rotating weekly theme:

  • Readying the Land: Design a Space That Fosters Language – Ever wonder how to design a room and home that promotes your child’s language and cognitive development? Come learn about this and more as we spend some time at the intersection of design and development.
  • Readying Ourselves: How Regulation is the Key to Our Baby’s Learning – Did you know that before we learn, we must first be regulated? We’ll explore how children begin building their nervous system and what ingredients are necessary for optimal development.
  • Pouring the Foundation: Fostering Pre-Verbal Skills – Get an overview of how this process works and learn strategies that you can use at home to help your child build a strong language foundation for life.
    Raising the Barn: The importance of Language and How to Foster it – In this class, learn to use simple habits and strategies around your home to encourage understanding of language and later expression.
  • Raising the Roof: Articulation – Learn what “typical” development looks like from sound play to when your child should have their “r” and lots in between.
  • Weatherproofing: Learning to Manage Challenging Behaviors – Come join this class on navigating tricky parenting moments and learn tools to promote healthy approaches for both parent and child.

Ages: 1-3 years with a caregiver
Day: Mondays
Time: 9:15am
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes
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Navigating the 4th Trimester
As Courtney facilitates Navigating The 4th Trimester, parents will get questions answered, gain confidence in parenting abilities, and develop a network of support. Your infant is welcome to attend class with you! It is expected that babies may cry, need soothing, and feeding throughout the class. That’s okay! Please take care of your baby’s needs. Don’t know what your baby’s needs are? That’s okay too; Courtney will help you interpret Baby’s cues. Each class will:

  • explore a specific challenge area of early parenting
  • explain the evidence-based “why” behind each situation
  • share strategies for coping
  • discuss techniques for appropriately and respectfully caring for Baby

For moms who are in the 3 month postpartum period
Day: Thursdays
Time: 12:15pm
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes
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Child Only Classes

Fairy-Tale Tea Time
Each week, your 2.5+ year old is invited to dress in their finest tiara, top hat, eye patch, fairy wings, or whatever attire they fancy for our weekly Fairytale Tea Time! While parents enjoy coffee in the lounge down the hall, kiddos join a group of their peers for a (tiny) cup of herbal tea/hot chocolate while listening to favorite fantasy stories. Afterwards, Tea Time guests can participate in a themed activity and/or craft.
Ages: 2.5+ years
Day: Thursdays
Time: 11:15am
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes (must be used within 6 weeks).
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Jr Superhero Training
What is your superpower? Join Kin Fitness at Relief Parenting and get ready to find out and hone your fitness skills with our obstacle courses, games, and functional movement exercises so you can go help save the world.

Parents can choose to join their child or relax in the lounge. If parents choose to join they will also get a great workout.

Ages: 3-5 years
Dates: Tuesdays, January 9 – February 13 (6-week series)
Time: 10:15am
Cost: $120
Drop-in spots now available! $25 per class
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Storybook Adventures with Kin Fitness
Join Kin Fitness at Relief Parenting for an action-packed story, where kids don’t just sit and listen, but act out the adventure with exercises that increase their body awareness, balance, strength & cardio fitness. From space exploring to pirate treasure hunts – it’s imagination and exercise together!

Parents can choose to join their child or relax in the lounge. If parents choose to join they will also get a great workout.

Ages: 2.5-5 years
Day: Tuesdays
Dates: January 9 – February 13 (6 week series)
Time: 11:15am
Cost: $120 6-class series
Drop-in spots now available! $25 per class
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Tiny Tots Dance
Come join Dana Tibbetts, Director of Relevé Dance Academy, for a fun dance class catered to your 2-4yr old. This is a perfect introduction to dance while encouraging gross motor development and body awareness. From this class your child will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice listening to simple directions while playing follow the leader.
  • Learn basic dance steps.
  • Practice balancing.
  • Listen to music and follow along.
  • Practice stopping their body while playing freeze dance.
  • Work on spatial awareness while exploring the difference between big body movements and small body movements.
  • Encouraging creativity and exploring movement with open dance time!
  • Caregivers are not required to attend class with their child. Caregivers are welcome to relax in the lounge and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Your child is welcome to dress in dance attire, but it is not a requirement as long as they are wearing clothes that are easy to move in.

Instructor: Dana Tibbetts, Director of Relevé Dance Academy

Ages: 2-4 years
Day: 6-week series: Mondays, January 8 – February 12
Time: 11:15am
Drop-in Available
Cost: $96 for 6 weeks
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Fitness Classes

Baby & Me Barre
This class is designed for caregivers and their non-mobile babies. We will focus on reconnecting your core, balance, and strength. This will be a nourishing environment to feed, change, and connect with your baby while socializing with other moms and moving your body.
Day: Thursdays
Time: 10:15am
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes
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Baby and Me Bootcamp with Kin Fitness
Join Kin Fitness at Relief Parenting for a baby friendly workout session! Where else can you get giggles during gym time? Babies and toddlers will love spending time with their grown up while you release some stress and get a full body workout.

Ages: 6 months to 2 yrs-old with caregiver (childcare available for older siblings)
Tuesdays, January 9 – February 13 (6 week series)
Time: 9:15am
Cost: $120
Drop-in spots now available! $25 per class
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Adult Only Barre
Barre is a full body workout that combines ballet, pilates, and strength training. Barre is a low impact workout that engages every muscle, and raises your heart rate while listening to fun music!
Day: Thursdays
Time: 9:15am
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes (must be used within 6 weeks).
Childcare is available
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Yoga Classes

Baby & Me Yoga 
Watch your pre-crawler develop body awareness, better digestion, longer sleep, and a deepened attachment to you through yoga! This class combines gentle massage and movement with fun songs and age-appropriate activities. Baby & Me Yoga also offers caregivers poses to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain, opportunities to socialize, and provides an advice-free, non-judgmental, supportive community. Guided discussions will deepen caregiver’s understanding of infant development and cues. No previous yoga experience is necessary.
Ages: 6 weeks old to pre-walking
Day: Mondays
Time: 10:15am
Cost: $18 per drop-in or $64 for 4 classes (must be used within 6 weeks).
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Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to prepare your body and mind for birthing with gentle yoga and self hypnosis techniques. This yoga practice will connect you to your mind and to your baby. Relax and unwind during this beautiful journey of pregnancy. This is a gentle class good for all ability levels.
Yoga has the potential to be beneficial in all stages of a normal/healthy pregnancy. We advise each participant to consult with their doctor to confirm they are healthy. If there are any complications, conditions, injuries then yoga is not advised.
Taught by Colleen, certified in Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga, she is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. She brings meditation, visualization, and self hypnosis to the classes for body and mind balance.
Days: Fridays at 10:15am & Saturdays at 10:00am
Cost: $18 for single class or $64 for four classes (must be used within 6 weeks).
Childcare is available for Friday classes
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Social Support Groups

Feeding Support for the First Year
Whether breastmilk, formula, or solid foods, babies need to eat and parents have questions! This no-judgment, no-advice (unless wanted), safe and supportive group is geared towards parents feeding babies 0-1 year. We will gather to ask feeding-related questions, share our experiences, find resources, and provide encouragement. Topics for discussion may include:

  • Ages and stages of feeding in the first year
  • Effective latching techniques
  • Helping Baby take a bottle
  • Breastpump options
  • The link between eating and sleeping
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Starting solid foods
  • Baby Led Weaning
  • Feeding yourself while feeding your baby
    Cost: Pay what you can

Ages: 0-12 months
Day: Tuesdays, every two weeks
Time: 12:15pm
Cost: pay what you can
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Beyond 1 – Support for Breastfeeding Beyond the 1st Year
Looking for a safe supportive space where you won’t be asked “You’re STILL breastfeeding?” Join us as we celebrate and navigate “You’re STILL Breastfeeding!”
Each meeting we will discuss a different topic, share our stories and struggles, and reiterate the reasons for breastfeeding beyond one year.

  • Topics for discussion may include:
  • Evidence-based research on normal nursing patterns
  • How to manage negative comments
  • Pregnant and nursing / Tandem nursing
  • Breastfeeding your developing child – understanding cognitive and emotional needs
  • The joys of nursing beyond the first year
  • What to do when you are ready to wean
  • Pumping and long-term milk supply
  • Biting, twiddling, and nursing gymnastics

Day: Tuesdays, every 2 weeks
Time: 10:15am
Pay what you can
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Babywearing Monthly Meet-Up
Are you interested in learning more about babywearing but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have a carrier but it just doesn’t feel right? Join us for our monthly Babywearing Meet-up at Relief Parenting!

Each month we will gather to answer your questions about babywearing, assist with fit checks, and have a chance to chat with other families who babywear in the community. There is also the opportunity to try different carriers from our consultant’s collection. Bring your babies, your carriers, and your questions! This group is appropriate for any caregivers who are interested in babywearing, expectant caregivers too. All experience levels are welcome!

This meet-up is led by babywearing specialist Jenna Kim. Jenna Jenna ran a busy babywearing library and advice service in London before moving with her husband and two daughters to the Seacoast in 2023. Giving parents and caregivers their hands back and building their confidence brings her so much joy. Babywearing was such a help to her own mothering journey.

Monthly Mondays: 1/8, 2/12, 3/11, 4/8, 5/13 and 6/10
Time: 9:15 am
Pay what you can
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Challenging Behaviors
Are you experiencing challenging behaviors with your child(ren)? Do you feel like you have tried everything? You are not alone. Come join us at the Challenging Behaviors support group to meet other parents with similar struggles as well as to find resources and support.

Examples of challenging behaviors could be:

  • Biting
  • Hitting
  • Defiance
  • Tantrums vs meltdowns

Katie Baseden will act as the group facilitator. Katie is the owner of Navigating Special Needs ( and will guide the group, provide support and offer valuable resources to support your home life.

Day: 1st & 3rd Thursdays
Time: 11:15am
Cost: Pay what you can
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Mothercare: Reducing Anxiety and Depletion
Motherhood is fraught with challenges, complex emotions, and constant changes. Whether you are an expecting, new, or experienced mother, many of us are anxious, depleted, and in need of a safe place and understanding support. Group Facilitator, Krista Maltais, is an Advanced Postpartum Doula, mother of two, and has a personal history with anxiety, depression, depletion, and recuperation. Join Krista for this no-judgment, no-advice (unless wanted), safe, and supportive group to share stories, resources, and encouragement as mothers.
Days: Mondays / Time: 11:15am & Fridays / Time: 9:15am
Cost: Pay What You Can. This group is by sustained by your generous contributions that go towards cleaning supplies, beverages, space rental and the facilitator’s time. Thank you!
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Raising Multiples Support Group
This group is intended for parents and caregivers of multiples. Raising multiples is a unique experience and with that comes unique challenges. Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned parent you deserve to connect with others who can truly relate, offer encouragement, and a listening ear.

This group is designed to create a safe, supportive, and empowering space among individuals. Where frustrations, fears, hopes, and aspirations about raising multiples can be explored.

Madison Fisher will be acting as a facilitator for this group. She is a mother of three, including a set of boy/girl twins. You will also find Madison working in the Childcare Room at Relief Parenting Center.

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 9:15am
Pay what you can

Solo & Single Parent Support Group (Virtual) 
Virtual group participants will be emailed a private Zoom link to join virtual Divorce Support Group. The link will be emailed upon registration. Group meets at 12:15-1:00 EST. This group is for solo and single parents who are parenting their amazing children all on their own or on their own the majority of the time. It is an opportunity to share your stories with others going thru similar situations and/or struggles.

The goal of the Solo & Single Parent Support Group is to provide a safe community to share experiences and feelings, frustrations and concerns, as well as commiserate and be heard without judgement.

Taryn Kolodica will be acting as the group facilitator. She is the mother of 2 young kids and understands the hardships that come to living life as both a solo and single parent. Taryn also works as the Program and Operations manager at Relief Parenting Center and loves being a part of Relief’s community.
Day: Mondays (Virtual)
Time: 12:15pm
Cost: Pay What You Can
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Step-Parent Support Group
Step-parenthood can be filled with complexities and truly no one understands that like another stepparent.

This is a safe and supportive group to build bridges, normalize stepparenting, and spend time with other people who just “”””get it”””” when it comes to blended family life.

This no-judgment, no advice (unless wanted) group is for people dating, engaged, or married to a partner with children. We will get together to share our experiences, provide resources, answer questions, and encourage each other through our stepfamily journeys.

Join Group Facilitator, Grady Savage, a mother, stepmother, and mentor in the stepfamily space since 2012.

Day:  In-person 2nd & 4th and Virtual 1st & 3rd Monday
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: Pay what you can
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Divorce Support Group (Virtual)
This group is a place for parents who are going through or have been through divorce or separation. It is an opportunity to share your stories of being a single parent with others going thru similar situations or struggles.

Courtney Pasqualoni will be acting as the group facilitator, but this group is not leader led. She is a single mom to three boys and went thru her own divorce a little over three years ago. She works as the Parent Care Coordinator here at Relief and is also a Postpartum Doula.

The goal of the Divorced Parents Support Group is to provide a safe place for divorced or separated parents to vent and be heard with zero judgement. The group will meet on Tuesday evenings and will alternate in-person to virtual every other week.

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 7:00pm, Virtual Only
Cost: Pay what you can
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Perinatal & Parenting Classes

Pregnant and Prepared: Feel Confident Taking Your Baby Home
Feel Confident Taking Your Baby Home “Join Joanna Juralewciz Pediatric LPN, BLS,PD, CLC and break down the uncertainty that surrounds newborn care. This interactive, hands-on type of learning will provide the confidence needed to survive those first few months of parenting and beyond. This 3-hour class is for expecting parents, support people are encouraged to join! You can expect to learn:

  • How to change a diaper
  • How to prevent diaper rashes
  • How to take your baby’s temperature
  • How to make a bottle safely
  • How to care for your newborns umbilical cord
  • How to bathe you newborn
  • How to swaddle your newborn and more!

Be sure to check out our bundle packages for Childbirth Education & Infant CPR classes

Day: Sunday
February 25th and Saturday, April 20th
Time: 3 hours
Cost: $150 (support person included)
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Breastfeeding Basics
The first section of class helps you learn:

  • The most vital information about initiating breastfeeding immediately after birth
  • What “the magical hour” is
  • How to tell if your providers are breastfeeding savvy
  • Techniques and tips to be a supportive partner
  • How to establish optimal milk supply
  • What to expect in the early days and weeks of nursing.

This session goes beyond the basic hospital class to address YOUR specific questions, concerns, and needs as a unique family.

The second section of class helps you learn:

  • When your baby is hungry and full
  • When your baby is overwhelmed
  • When your baby is interested and/or wants to play
  • When your baby is tired and ready to sleep
  • How to respond to your baby in each situation
  • Techniques for baby soothing, including swaddling, sensory input, and sounds

Using realistically weighted dolls, you will get hands-on practice to feel confident understanding your newborn’s cues and how to calm him/her.

Day: Saturdays/Sundays
Dates: February 11th
Time: 10:00am-1:00pm
Cost: $149 per couple
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CPR for Expecting & Seasoned Caregivers
This three hour class is designed to teach expecting parents, parents, grandparents, and caregivers how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver on babies and children. This class is facilitated by Joanna Juralewciz Pediatric LPN, BLS, PD, CLC.

Infants and non mobile children are welcome to attend with their parents.
Please note: If you are attending this class as an adult professional, doula, nannie or babysitter, you MUST purchase the certifying payment option. This class offers a certificate through Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI)(ECSI may not meet all medical professional requirements). Please email Joanna at if you plan to obtain certification from this class.

Be sure to check out our bundle packages for Childbirth Education & Newborn Basics class.

Day: Saturdays
February 24th, March 16th, April 13th, and May 18th
Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm
Cost: $75 per person or $125 per couple
Cost with certification: $90 per person
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Whether in-person, online, or in-home, we’re here to help you get the relief you need and deserve!


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