Does the winter weather have you stranded at home? Does the cold have you stuck inside? Here are some fun activities to have in your back pocket for those bad weather days! The best part is that they are still winter themed.

Make Your Own Snow!

The weather is so unpredictable this year that on any given day it feels like we could wake up with 6 inches or nothing! This mom created some fake snow! My toddler loves snow, but the cold winds sometimes keep us indoors. Add some play cars and bulldozers or figurine penguins and other animals and you have fun for hours! See here for instructions.





Colored Ice Sculptures

These colored ice sculptures look like bright, colorful fun for all ages. Some prep time is necessary but the required materials are SIMPLE! This blog noted that the intention was to make sculptures indoors, but they ended up taking it outdoors. Seems fun either way! See here for instructions.



DIY Snow Globe

Easy winter craft with supplies from around the house. I love how you can really make this your own with what you put inside the jar. This is a quick and easy craft that would also make a nice gift (maybe a Valentine’s Day gift for the grandparents?). See here for instructions.




Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

When the snow just isn’t right for snowmen and Elsa isn’t around to conjure up a delightful Olaf snowman, here’s a craft that will help you out. Indoor snowmen! They may not be as big, but it looks like fun! With simple ingredients like corn starch and shaving cream, it is a good activity when you are in a pinch and need to ease a kid’s disappointment that there is no snow to build a snowman. See here for instructions.

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