20 Experience Gifts for 2020 Gift Giving!

This year in particular, we’ve decided to include many experience gifts to our holiday list. It allows our family to decide when to use the gift, and also reduces clutter in the house. While it’s probably not practical to give 100% of your gifts in the form of experiences, even switching a few over will help spread the holiday cheer throughout the year while adding something fun to look forward to as a family. In addition do we even need to mention how imperative it is to support local area businesses? These family owned gems help us make all the memories so it’s huge win for everyone! Here is our 2020 experience gift list:

  1. Kids love the promise of ice cream. Gift card for a local ice cream shop: Izzy’s in Portsmouth. Or a kid-friendly favorite restaurant like Lexie’s.
  2. Admission pass to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire. Memberships or day passes are available for advance purchase!
  3. Bowling fun for everyone! Bowl-O-Rama has closed for the holidays but will reopen when the time is right in 2021. Grab a gift card now and look forward to many strikes ahead!
  4. State or National Park passes. State Park passes include parking for many area lakes.
  5. Have a child that loves to bake? Wrap up some sprinkles (we found unicorn sprinkles), some mixes, a fun spatula and/or bowl. Misa’s Clean Kitchen offers kid cooking classes that are fun!
  6. A subscription box – pick your kid’s passion and gift it in a monthly box!
  7. Magic Lessons! Virtual options available with Sages Entertainment. They offer hands on experiences with balloon sculpting, virtual magic shows, various STEAM topics, and the art of magic! Ta-Da!
  8. Promises of the beach. It may not seem like it now, but beach weather will be here before we know it! A pail, a shovel, a new bathing suit and a promise of a day at your favorite beach when the weather warms up.
  9. Gymnastics classes – complete with a new leotard. Atlantic Gymnastics is a trusted gym to start with introductory gymnastics classes. Junior Gym is a wonderful space for safe gym play for children.
  10. Dance classes – with a gifted tutu or new ballet slippers. Dance Innovations Dance Center (DIDC) has lots of variety in dance class offerings and age ranges to choose from. They currently offer a choice for in-person or remote classes.
  11. Seeds and seed boxes to get them started on their own little garden. Our preschooler loves this yearly gift!
  12. A gift card for mini golf – Captain’s Cove is one of our favorite seacoast spots! Or a par three golf course depending on the kids’ age and skill.
  13. A donation to a charity – you can even let the child choose! Donations to National Wild Life Federation have symbolic animal adoptions with a stuffed animal as a thank you gift.
  14. Indoor climbing excursion. Metro Rock in Newburyport, MA is the closest spot.
  15. Massachusetts Audubon – Joppa Flats memberships. At the time of writing, memberships were on sale.
  16. A musical instrument & the gift of lessons. Portsmouth Music and Arts Center (PMAC) is offering remote or in person lessons after the New Year.
  17. Plan a camping trip and gift the supplies needed for the trip – a new tent, lantern or camping chair are always big hits in our house. Local campgrounds here.
  18. Gift card to G. Willikers Books & Toy Shop – Kids love being able to experience shopping for themselves!
  19. Outdoor winter skating fun at Strawbery BankLabrie Family Skate.
  20. Summer will be here before you know it. Sail away with some smooth sailing lessons next summer at American Yacht Club of Newburyport.

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What experiences do you like to gift?

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