Whole Life Health Care. Combining homeopathic and traditional care to our greatest gifts. Our kids!

Did you know that the seacoast offers children and families traditional medicine coupled with homeopathic treatments? From a personal standpoint, I’m thrilled! My son was diagnosed with a rare digestive disease when he was 2 years old. Now at 7 years old, it’s been a long road with no real solution and we’re constantly investigating new paths. Needless to say, I’m pleased to introduce you to these folks who take the entire picture into consideration!

At Whole Life Health Care, they know that kids are not just mini-adults. Children’s needs are vastly different than grown-ups and they offer a variety of services geared specifically for the underage population. Awesome.

Who is Whole Life Health Care?
Whole Life Health Care is an integrative practice that allows a combination of both conventional and complementary therapies in one location. We care for patients from birth through later years. Our approach is to address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness. We believe in the importance of authentic communication between the practitioner and the individual and honor the human capacity for healing. Learn more about the history of Whole Life Health Care.

October is Children’s Month at Whole Life Health Care! We are offering a variety of family, parent and children classes held at their Newington location. Each child that comes in at the end of October for classes or care will receive a Halloween-themed Goody Bag! See their list of upcoming classes and workshops.

Please see below for a listing and descriptions of our practice areas:

Primary Care
Our Nurse Practitioners encourage yearly well-child checkups, sport and camp physicals, and offer parental guidance on topics from infant needs to teenage and young adult development. We focus on education and preventative care specific to your child. We offer traditional treatments and immunizations as well as holistic treatments and gentle herbal remedies for kids. We do also see our fair share of acute sick visits!

We do offer pediatric acupuncture services. Focused on relaxation and stress reduction, our acupuncturist Catherine Markovsky can help children with symptoms related to ADHD, behavior disorders, headaches, insomnia, and other chronic pediatric ailments. We offer non-invasive methods for children under 12. Essential oils and herbs are terrific as well.

Bowenwork helps children perform better academically, excel in sports, get along with others social, and be happier and more productive. Ainslee can assist in relaxation and recovery for many conditions such as structural misalignments, overuse injuries, stress reactions, fatigue, ear/ throat problems, TMJ, insomnia, ADD/ ADHD, and developmental delay by promoting the body’s process for self-healing.

Chiropractic is as beneficial to kids as it is for adults. Often times spinal issues that adults experience started when they were children, due to poor posture, playground accidents, or even a traumatic childbirth. Dr.Khalsa has experience treating kids with any spinal issue, as well as ear infections, poor posture, and has successfully treated motion sickness in kids. Chiropractic care helps to ensure optimal spine health.

CranioSacral Therapy
CranioSacral addresses restrictions between the skull and cervical vertebra. It is a gentle light touch approach that provides an opportunity for the body to relax and heal itself. It is effective for all ages, from newborn to elders. Peggy, who is also a licensed pediatric Physical Therapist, focuses on trauma as well as physical or emotional dysfunction that stems from trauma big or small. CranioSacral helps to return the body to a state of balance by locating areas of pain, disease and dysfunction, those that are known to the patient and those that may be hidden. The ultimate goal is to get the source and get the child back on the road to recovery.

Hypnotherapy/Life Coaching
As a board Certified Wellness Life Coach, Gi guides her youth patients to empower themselves as they shift their basic attitude toward life from focusing on the problem to focusing on the solution. Working collaboratively in a safe and nurturing environment, Gi holds the flashlight along client’s path of self- discovery and empowerment, hence, a Graceful Awakening to regain their personals power and a zest of life.

Massage Therapy
Massage for kids can help to improve relaxation and regulate sleep which can be an issue for adolescents as their bodies go through hormonal shifts, heavy school work loads, social stress, and a busy external environment. Massage improves circulation, focus, and helps heal during post-operative care. Sessions can also help postural alignment, mental well-being, reduces muscle tension for those who play sports or instruments, and is a great treat for any teen. Both Jessica and Elizabeth Robinson, APRN are certified to do infant massage which helps to create a stronger connection with your baby and promotes physical and emotional well-being.

Naturopathic Medicine
Our Naturopaths use a holistic approach including nutritional counseling, homeopathy, herbal medicine, lifestyle counseling, therapeutic bodywork, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy. They see patients of all ages with concerns ranging from preventative care to treatment of chronic disease. Focus is on the child’s journey of what lead them to become ill and the root of the illness that may be contributing to behavioral issues, restlessness, or sleep disturbance. Children may be evaluated for toxicities, neurotransmitter imbalances, and overall function so that they may reach their highest potential with the proper individualized treatment plan. Common conditions that respond well to naturopathic care include: digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies, headaches, and disorders that have previously not responded to conventional treatment.

Melissa Snow, Registered Dietitian can help you and your children identify problem areas that are causing undesirable eating behaviors and develop solutions to help your child become a confident healthy eater. She is passionate about teaching families how to have a healthier relationship with food. She can also help with food allergies, specialty diets, and eating disorders. Melissa works with parents and children during scheduled appointments in her office and is a provider with all major insurance companies whose policies cover Nutrition Therapy.

Psychotherapy and Counseling
Our therapists Oz, Kay, and Lisa work in many areas of child psychology to help with behavioral disorders that may be environmental or biological in origin. Individual therapy can benefit children by giving them a safe place to dialog and manage stress. Our therapists also provide parenting support and are well trained and experienced Child Psychologists.

Physical Therapy
Whole Life is proud to integrate with Sport and Spine Physical Therapy.  Our Physical Therapists provide care for pediatric patients that suffer from orthopedic ailments such as post-fracture and joint injuries, basis sprains and strains, growing pains such as Severs and Osgood Schlatters, as well as sports injury rehab and management.

Natural Health Intuition is a practice that promotes healing through energy balance and body wisdom in a gentle setting. Hilary helps children and teens benefit from deep relaxation, less stress, clarity, and an understanding of wellness. Natural Health Intuition is not a substitute for medical care but can assists in identifying the root of an issue at the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual level. It is an appropriate complement to both conventional and alternative care.

The Let’s Get Movin’! by Alicia encourages children to be compassionate and kind. The program builds a sense of community that extends outside of the classroom. We understand all the pressures with academics, athletics, and busy lifestyles that families face. Your child will learn relaxation of the mind and body combined with health, nutrition, and wellness education. The Let’s Get Movin’! yoga program integrates movement, music, singing, and dancing while stretching and strengthening the body. Breathing techniques are taught to help with anxiety, stress, focus, and relaxation. Yoga is a wonderful addition to or an alternative for other physical activities. Athletic children will benefit from the stretching of muscles that are used to play sports. Children who experience anxiety will benefit from the breathing techniques that calm the body. We are passionate about yoga and we are excited to share the benefits of it with your family. A full class schedule can be seen on our web site.

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Whole Life Health Care Hours of Operation
(The Family Practice provides On-call Nurse Service for its patients available after normal business hours.)
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Insurance Information
Whole Life Health Care is an integrative group of practitioners who provide both conventional and complementary based medicine. Each of the Practitioners has different rules in regards to accepting health insurances. Please click here for a listing of accepted insurance providers.

Whole Life Health Care
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