Sleeping, co-parenting, toilet training issues? Check upcoming Parenting Workshops at Families First .

You know how they say that kids don’t come with a manual? That’s not altogether true.

Families First programs are about as “hands-on manual” as you can get. Have kids who misbehave? Don’t eat? Won’t go to bed, fight with their siblings, push your boundaries, hate homework, won’t brush their teeth…simply breathe? Their parenting workshops put you in front of facilitators and licensed professionals specific to your area of interest who will help you instill more productive strategies in your home.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this organization, Families First is a local non-profit offering Seacoast families onsite health care, wellness programs, parenting workshops, parent/child playtimes, mother support groups and so much more. Absolutely everyone is welcome.

Here’s a peek at the upcoming parenting programs in January and February. Every program mentioned in this article is free and includes (free!) child care. Advance signup is required for programs and child care; RSVP by calling 603-422-8208 x2. Classes are held at the Portsmouth Community Campus location.

Co-Parenting (Tuesdays, January 9 – Feb. 13; 6:00pm-7:30pm): During this six-week series, Debra Childs will present her program The Key to Putting Kids First: A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting™. Whether married, single, currently co-parenting or not, the lessons in this program will provide parents with the tools, information, and resources needed to help develop and maintain an effective and successful co-parenting relationship. You will be introduced to the principles, pledge, the core concepts, and challenged to change your mindset and to create a better YOU, which will not only positively impact you and your child’s health and happiness, but also your extended family and generations to come. Sign up now!

Helping Children Become Good Problem Solvers (Thursday, January 11; 9:30am-11:00am):
It’s hard to watch children struggle, and it’s tempting to jump in with advice about what to do. But solving our children’s problems robs them of the chance to learn how to work out solutions of their own. If you find yourself reassuring, rescuing or reminding your child what to do over and over again, chances are that you and your child would benefit from a problem-solving tune-up. Come to this Q&A with local psychologist and author Dr. Dawn Huebner for tips on how to help your children jump hurdles, become more independent, and solve problems on their own. Sign up now!

Toilet Readiness (Thursday January 25; 9:00am-11:30am): Before the next battle over the toilet, arm yourself with information and support from parents who have lived through potty training. Learn how to tell when your child is really ready, and how to work with your children, not against them. With Parkie Boley. Sign up now!

Helping Siblings Get Along (Tuesdays, Febuary 20 & 27; 6:00pm-7:30pm): In this two-week class, parents will learn the surprising causes of sibling rivalry, when to intervene and when not to, and techniques for handling kids’ feelings and behaviors. These strategies can be used for handling issues between playmates as well as siblings. Facilitated by Bob Pavlik, M.Ed. Sign up now!

Go To Sleep! (Thurday, Febuary 22; 9:00am-11:30am): Baby not sleeping through the night? Child resisting bedtime? Teen not getting enough sleep? These aren’t good for anyone, child or parent. They can result in cranky behavior, difficulty getting through the day, poor sleep habits and stressed relationships. Yet it’s hard for overtired parents to make a plan and carry it out on their own. Let us help. With Randy Tallent, Child Development Specialist. Sign up now!

Also, be sure to check out their ongoing playgroups, support sessions and family activities like Toddler Playtime (ages 1-2), Wamesit Playgroup (ages birth to 6 months), Family Morning Out (in Epping and Exeter), Family Fun Night (includes dinner!), Mother-to-Mother Postpartum Group and Parent Recharge, just to name a few. Visit for more info.

Families First
100 Campus Drive, Community Campus, Portsmouth (603) 422-8208

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