O’neil Cinemas is committed to providing our customers with the best entertainment experience possible. We take pride in our well located parking lots, spacious and clean interiors, tiered stadium seating, digital sound systems, extra wide seats, cutting-edge gaming areas, high-quality refreshments and state-of-the-art digital projection systems.

Children under 2 are free. Bargain Matinee all ages are $7.50 for all shows before 5:30 pm. Children ages 2-11 are $7.50 at all times. Adults ages 12-61 are $9.50. Senior Citizens ages 62 and up are $7.50 at all times. Additional $2.50 per person for all 3D films. Additional $8.00 per person for all DBOX films.

This venue is also available for birthday parties!

Epping O’neil Cinema 12
24 Calef Hwy, Epping NH 03042
(603) 679-3549

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