Is your child’s birthday coming up and you’re plumb out of fresh party ideas? Let us help. You tell us what you want and we’ll show you how to get it. Trying to entertain a varied age group of children? No problem. Working within a budget? We hear ya. No time to plan a great party? Allow us, and you can even take all the credit.

How does this work?
If you live in the seacoast area (York to Newburyport), we’re here to help. To get an idea of what you are looking for, you’ll fill out a quick questionnaire which will help us determine your needs and wants for the perfect party. Based on your preferences, we’ll deliver some fantastic ideas that will blow the doors off any other party you’ve been to before.

What if I want to have my party at home?
Sounds fun! We’ll provide you with party activities, themes or even visiting entertainment services. We even have the name of some home cleaning services to help you get that cake out of your carpet.

How much does this service cost?
Check out our two levels of birthday party consulting below to see what’s included in each package and cost details.

How quickly can I get the information?
“The Kit” can be in your hands within 3 business days; “The Kit & Kaboodle” takes 3 business days for the plan and an additional 7 business days to purchase and deliver supplies. However, please keep in mind that many event venues require 2-6 weeks for reserving space—so if you *have* to hold your party at (insert ideal location here), please allow for the maximum lead time.

I’m definitely interested in learning more. Now what?
Check out our two birthday party consulting packages below and decide which option best suits your needs. Let us help you make this year’s birthday celebration extra special, and extra cool.

I want in! How do we get started?
Awesome! Simply email us at with your package preference and we’ll send you out the Birthday411! questionnaire. From there…get ready to party!

“The Kit”

What’s Included?
Based on your questionnaire responses, we’ll determine your preferences and ideas for the perfect party. Then we’ll provide you with a bunch of great recommendations to make your party a huge success and follow that up with a comprehensive party plan detailing who you need to call and what you need to get. Easy peasy. Here’s what you’ll receive:

Three (3) recommended party venues with the following event information:

  • Facility/event cost
  • What’s included (i.e. facility use, number of kids, party room, food, gift bags, etc.)
  • Typically availability (i.e. “only Saturdays” or “weekends from 1-4pm”)
  • Location and event coordinator contact info
  • Two (2) suggested party “themes” based event venue or your child’s preferences

Based on our two suggested themes, recommendations for associated:

  • Invitation design (either custom or store bought)
  • Party room/area décor and supplies
  • Gift bag ideas
  • Games and activities (if applicable)
  • Equipment rental vendor (if applicable; i.e. Bouncy House, Tables)
  • Birthday cake vendor
  • Food and drink

What’s The Cost?
Wicked cheap at only $40. You definitely can’t go wrong.

Ready To Party?
Email us at and we’ll get you started on an awesome celebration!

“The Kit & Kaboodle”

What’s Included?
Other than actually *being* there, we do all the party prep work for you! In addition to providing you with all of the benefits from The Kit, we’ll also handle the following tasks based on your preferences and venue choices:

  • Secure date and time for the party location (based on availability)
  • Provide gift bags and gift bag contents; we’ll assemble the goodies so they look spectacular
  • Purchase party supplies (decor, plates, cups, etc.) to coordinate with your super cool theme
  • Suggest party food and provide you with information on price and purchase locations
  • Consult with baker/vendor and manage birthday cake/cupcakes order (delivery arrangements will be handled between vendor and customer)

What’s The Cost?
$150 plus the cost of birthday party supplies. Time is money, and you’ll have more of both if you go this route. Boo-yah!

Ready To Party?
Email us at and we’ll get you started on an awesome celebration!

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