5th Annual NH Fish & Lobster Festival 9/14. Fishy fun for the whole family!

This fun-filled event will feature seafood tasting, games, music and more. Walk the decks of a local fishing boat, taste freshly-landed local seafood prepared by Seacoast chefs, learn to identify and prepare local fish, watch an on-location cook-off competition between chefs, investigate the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, sing a song and hear a tale or two, all while enjoying fresh, delicious seafood.

Along the historic waterfront in Prescott Park, right beside the NH commercial fishing pier, it’s a great event for all ages with games, live music, demos, foul-weather gear, a fish relay race, trap building, fish printing, touch tanks, and so much more.

Why we love it
Otherwise known as the “Fishtival,” this unique and highly interactive event draws thousands of visitors each year to celebrate 18 miles and 400 years of NH fishing communities and traditions.

  • New! This event was launched in 2009 in response to new challenges in fishing industry.
  • Fun! Activities, games, and music, including a performance by Sharks Come Cruisin’!
  • Delicious! Modestly-priced samples of the local catch prepared by talented local chefs allow everyone to try something new!
  • Inclusive! We encourage everyone in our community to attend, taste and participate
  • Collaborative! Nearly 50 community non-profits, businesses and schools are represented, reflective of the nature of our region and its interest in this shared resource.
  • Informative! Learn about seafood preparation, fishing heritage and contemporary practices, and more.
  • Connective! We connect our community and our small-boat fleet-meet fishermen, take boat tours, learn more in the speaker’s tent, etc.
  • Inspirational! A rich day reflective of the richness of our community

5th Annual NH Fish & Lobster Festival
Saturday, September 14, 2013; Noon-4:00pm
Prescott Park, 105 Marcy Street, Portsmouth NH
Admission is free; Seafood samplings from renowned local chefs – $4


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