In days past, communities would rally around new parents to provide wisdom and relief during those often challenging times that directly followed childbirth. A harem of family and friends would offer up their services however they were best suited – grandparents attended to household chores, aunts fixed a week’s supply of shepherd’s pie and lasagna, and the neighbors’ kids took turns walking the dog. In some cultures the postpartum mother is still cared for in ways which help her heal, recover and cross the threshold into motherhood.

Today, although our networks are often scattered around the globe, the postpartum struggle is no less real. Neighborhood support networks have been supplanted by a showering of gifts – that is to say: things – that can be easily packaged and shipped from warehouse to front door.

Of course, certain baby equipment is essential, and the attendant expense can be overwhelming for first-time parents. But for lack of options, or perhaps knowledge as to the services available, new parents tend to fill the lower ranks of their baby registries with only marginally useful products instead of the help they need. Now, Seacoast families have a solution in Kinnship.

Kinnship is an online baby registry, intended to supplement a traditional registry, for gifting local services that help ease the postpartum period. On the Kinnship platform parents can create a registry, search for specific services in their local area, send the list to family and friends, and be gifted (or buy for themselves) those services in the form of a gift-voucher. The platform’s growing list of service categories include household chores (home cleaners, laundry services, dog walkers), personal care (food preparation, breastfeeding help, doulas), and wellness (massage, reiki, acupuncture, etc.).

Kinnship was created by a local mom who recognized what has been lost in our modern, material world – a culture of support which allows new parents to focus on what is truly important: nurturing and caring for their newborn and themselves.

With Kinnship: 

  • Search for local service providers
  • Add services to your registry
  • Send registry to family and friends
  • Buy services directly
  • Get postpartum help
  • Support your local economy

Parents can sign up and register today at


Interested service providers can also sign up online. To learn more about how Kinnship can help your business and local community thrive, or perhaps inspire you to start a new business that is not yet listed. Visit today or contact Kinnship directly at


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