“Wiggles and Wisdom” this Tuesday in Durham: Tots and seniors together for special playdates!


Looking for a new type of “play date” for your Pre-K kid? Wiggles and Wisdom brings generations together in their weekly activity classes held in Durham at Harmony Homes By the Bay Assisted Living/Memory Care facility.

Young children (under 5 years old), their parent/caregiver and senior residents come together for a joyful and rejuvenating experience for all!

For kids who don’t have grandparents nearby, it’s a great way for them to build relationships with seniors, improving their understanding and acceptance of their elders. Three generations together fostering a sense of community among all ages! And so heartwarming to see the joy the kids bring to the seniors!


Class Activities

Each class brings new and fun experiences including:

  • Singing
  • Moving with scarves and other props
  • Book reading
  • Puppet routines
  • Crafts
  • Collaborative and fun interactions as each generation helps the other when passing out materials, enjoying an art project, or completing the lyrics to a song.


Benefits of Multi-Generational Activities

This active and interactive class format engages the children and seniors physically, mentally and emotionally. Research shows that this type of programming offers important benefits to all involved.

A few of those benefits include:

  • Fosters a sense of community among all ages.
  • Improves children’s understanding and acceptance of their elders.
  • Brings joy and exuberance to senior residents through interactions with children.
  • Promotes improvement in mood and cognitive engagement for senior residents.

Drop-in Classes Available

Best enjoyed by children 5 years and under


  • Tuesdays; 10:00am – 11:00am
  • Harmony Homes By the Bay, 40 Briggs Way, Durham NH
  • See here for dates


  • $10.00 for Adult with 1 Child (additional children under  2 years old are free)
  • $15.00 for Family (1 adult with 2 children over 2 years old)
  • $7.00 for Additional Children  (children over 2 years old)
  • Cash or check accepted
  • See here for a release form you will need prior to attending class
About Wiggles and Wisdom

Jenny Cameron, a Newmarket resident, completed her ECE Certificate for Early Childhood Education at the age of 50 (yay for second careers!). During that journey, she worked at a Preschool that shared a building with an assisted living facility.

At first, she was nervous interacting with the seniors. But after doing something as simple as blowing bubbles and watching the seniors light up with the kids, it inspired Jenny to do more. After leaving that preschool, she missed that interaction and started researching how can she could bring children into assisted living facilities?

After much research and a lot of inspiration, Wiggles and Wisdom was born! Offering weekly drop-in or session classes, Wiggles and Wisdom offers opportunities for you and your little one a unique playdate filled with love and laughter.

For more information about Wiggles and Wisdom, please visit their website and Facebook page!

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