We Freaking Love the Dollar Tree. Look What We Found!

If you have a question, the Dollar Tree is the answer. I know this post won’t agree with everyone, but as the primary budget keeper in my household, those dollar stores offer deals that are just too good to pass up. While on a recent visit, I found myself wanting to put out a bulletin to all my friends and family on the amazing items I found—all for, wait for it…ONE DOLLAR. How do they do it?

If you haven’t been to a dollar store recently, here’s a sampling of the items you can pick up.

  1. Inexpensive “you did great!” treats (like after the doctor’s office or scoring a goal at soccer)
  2. Holiday trinket shopping (great for Easter baskets, Valentine’s Day or stocking stuffers)
  3. Birthday party planning (invitations, decorations and favors)
  4. Wrapping and crafting supplies (gift bags of all sizes, wrapping paper, bows and ribbon)
  5. Greeting cards (for all holidays and birthdays—some are even 2/$1!)
  6. Cleaning supplies (hand soap, scrub brushes, sponges, mops…MOPS!)
  7. Kitchen supplies (plastic baggies (even character bags like princess or cars!), Tupperware, plastic cups and dishware)
  8. Toys (great for gift bags or any-occasion surprises)
  9. Balloons (yes, helium. $1)

When you hit the register with a cart full of items and the total is only $15, you may feel like you’re executing a criminal Smash and Grab. Don’t get us wrong, not everything at the dollar stores is a deal (i.e. you may want to pass on things like batteries, “silver or gold” jewelry and electrical products). But next time you’re in the area, take a spin through and check it out. Guaranteed you’ll find every day products that you’d normally spend $2-3 more elsewhere. Saving money is so cool.

See what we found! Some of my favorites are kids’ Valentine’s Day cards (only $1 for an entire pack), customizable coffee mugs (kids’ can color the cup inserts– great gifts for mom or dad– and they don’t leak!), adorable cold packs for lunch boxes (animals, princesses, Spiderman, sports and more!).





4 Responses

  1. Jenn T

    I love checking out the books every month or so. Have picked up some great ones – especially to add to gift baskets – for CHEAP

  2. Kim W.

    For any of you crafty types, it’s always good to check out the Dollar Tree for bargains on craft supplies. Right before Christmas, I found Libbey brand square glass jars for making soy wax candles for $1.00 – vs. $2.49 each on an online candle making website.

  3. Abby R.

    Great goodies for plane trips – wrapped em up and gave one every time the kids got ants in their pants. And pregnancy tests – one dollar each!!!

  4. Jessie Nickerson

    We just got home from there, to pick up some art supplies and my daughters been cuting, gluing and stickering ever since, makes for an easy, inexpensive afternoon. Especially when Mama needs to get a few things done around the house, like… going on SKC to look for more afternoon things to do! : )

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