The Christmas Dove. It’s like a ride through the holidays. Only FREE!

The Christmas Dove is a retail holiday store, but it might as well be a winter wonderland ride at Disneyland, only with free admission!

The Christmas Dove is New England’s largest Christmas store, featuring two stories and over thirty intricately themed rooms. Take your time exploring the many different themed rooms of holiday décor, ornaments, lights, interactive train sets (kids LOVE this) and more. Witness the excitement through the eyes of your little ones!

When you’ve had your fill of tinsel and trees, head across the street to Calef’s Country Store for some fresh cider donuts, penny candy, bakery mixes, homemade deli sandwiches, jam, jelly, relish and cheese…mmmm, I’m hungry…

The Christmas Dove
156 Route 9, Barrington NH (603) 664-7712

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  1. Melanie

    Calefs is an old time country store – it’s worth the trip just for calefs! Glass jars of penny candy, stuff you thought would only be in your childhood memories. Creaky real wood plank floors, friendliest people, and a deli in the back to refuel your energy. Local honey, maple sugar candies – I would highly recommend for nostalgia and yumminess!

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