Quick and easy indoor toddler activities that are super fun!

Sunshine, warm weather, what’s that?! Yes, spring is finally around the corner but it’s not quite time to hit the beach or spend the entire day at the park. If you’re running out of ideas to keep your toddler entertained at home, take a look at our list of clever activities to keep them busy! The best part about these activities is they’re quick and easy for you to create and most likely use materials your already have around the house, but they provide lots of entertainment!

Secret Letters or Numbers

Take a white crayon and write letters and/or numbers all over a white piece of paper. Have your child take watercolors and watercolor on top of the paper. They will be shocked when they see letters and numbers appear before their eyes!

Bath Tub Artist

Use painters tape to hang paper along your bathtub walls, butcher paper works well. Then give your child containers of washable paint and let them paint away. If any of the paint happens to get on the tub or walls, just spray the tub clean! And if you’re child’s a mess…. well, they’re already in the tub so bath time it is!

Color Match

There are a few different ways you can do this activity. One way is to take a few different colored pieces of paper, for example; yellow, blue, green and red and hang them on the wall with painters tape. Then, give your child yellow, blue, green and red post-it notes and have them hang the post-it notes onto the matching colored paper. Another way to do this activity is to take a piece of paper and draw different colored dots on the paper. Then have your child take different colored dot stickers and match the colored stickers onto the colored dots on the paper.

Toy Bath

Get a large bin and a small bin, the small bin should fit inside the larger one. Fill the small bin with water and baby soap or bubble bath. Mix the water and soap until it’s nice and sudsy and place the bins on the floor! (You may want to place towels underneath the larger bin because inevitably there will be water that spills out of the tub and ends up on the floor.) In the large dry bin, place various scrubbing materials such as scrub brushes and sponges. Then let them give their plastic toys a nice bath! Put plastic toys that can sustain getting wet and soapy in the large bin. Toys that work well for this activity include: plastic trucks and cars, dinosaurs, bath toy animals, balls etc.

Cloud Dough

Here’s a way to pretend you’re at the beach and build sand castles in your home, any time of year! Mix 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup of any kind of oil – olive oil, vegetable oil etc. For a larger batch, mix 8 cups of flour with 1 cup of oil. Mix it all up and wallah, you have cloud dough! Place the dough in an open container and let your kids go to town. It’s also fun to let them put their toy trucks and cars in the dough or use shovels and different size cups.

Post-It Name

Write your child’s name with Sharpie on a large piece of butcher paper. Then on post-it notes, write the letters of your child’s name at least 5 times each. Have your child match the post-it notes onto the big letters of their name on the butcher paper. You could modify this activity in many ways such as doing a letter or number match!

Do you have any favorite quick and easy toddler activities to do at home? Leave your ideas in the comments below!



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