Seacoast Science Center Summer Camps

Kids love our camps! With seven different habitats in Odiorne Point State Park to explore, and live animal and hands-on exhibits in the Center to reinforce learning, campers gain a great understanding and appreciation of the natural world around them. Camps run during regional school vacations and all summer long.

Seacoast Science Center
Odiorne Point State Park
570 Ocean Boulevard, Rye NH

2018 Summer Schedule

Treks 4 Tots

Age: For ages 4-5
Date: Weekly sessions from June 18-August 24, 2018
Time: 9am-3pm or 9am-12pm; drop-off begins at 8:30am
Full-day full-week: $300 member/$325 non-member
Half-day full-week: $200 member/$225 non-member
Session 3 full-days: $240 members /$260 non-members (4 days only)
Session 3 half-days: $160 members /$180 non-members (4 days only)
Per full-day: $60 member/$65 non-member (session 1  & 3 only)
Per half-day: $40 member/$45 non-member (session 1 & 3 only)
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Extended care is not available for Treks.
You must have a family membership valid through your chosen camp dates to take advantage of the member rate.

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Seaside Safari

Ages: Grades K-5
Dates: Weekly sessions from June 18-August 24, 2018
Time: 9am-3pm; drop-off begins at 8:30am
Full week: $300 member/$325 non-member
Session 3: $240 members /$260 non-members (4 days only)
Per day: $60 member/$65 non-member (session 1 & 3 only)
Pre-care: $12 per day (begins at 7:30am)
After-care: $15 per day (until 5:30pm)
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Weekly Themes for both Treks 4 Tots & Seaside Safari

Session 1, June 18-22: Tide Pool Treasures (by day or week)
The tide is low and it’s time to head out to the tide pools of Odiorne Point State Park to see what we can find. We’ll search for crabs, urchins, sea stars and more, learning how these animals cope with the rise and fall of the tide. Join the fun!

Session 2, June 25-29: Year of the Reef!
Coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine life on the planet and 2018 is the 3rd International Year of the Reef. We’ll discover what ocean animals depend on coral reefs for their survival, and learn about the threats that reefs are facing. Outside, we’ll play fun games that help us to better understand these diverse ecosystems.

Session 3, July 2-6: Rocky Shore, Sandy Beach (by day or for all 4 days; no camp 7/4)
How does a rocky shore differ from a sandy beach? We’ll explore both to find out! Head out into Odiorne Point State Park with us to visit these two special habitats and get hands-on with the plants and animals that live there. Time to get our feet wet!

Session 4, July 9-13: Diving Deep! It’s Ocean Exploration Week
Come learn about the tools ocean scientists use to explore the depths of the ocean, and the mysteries they have uncovered, miles below the surface. Discover what unique creatures live at the bottom of the sea, and hear from a diver who will show us SCUBA gear and explain how SCUBA divers stay safe exploring the underwater world.

Session 5, July 16-20: Marine Mammal Mania  
Whales, Dolphins and Seals, oh my! From the smallest marine mammals to the largest, we’ll learn about the adaptations that enable these air-breathing animals to survive and thrive with life at sea. Staff from our Marine Mammal Rescue Team will tell us about the work they do to protect marine mammals and what you should do if you come across a seal on the beach.

Session 6, July 23-27: Seaside Science Spectacular  
Scientists have a method for figuring out the answers to their questions. This week we will all be scientists, and use this same method to answer some of our questions about the world we live in. Investigate goopy substances and get hands-on with scientific tools and equipment. Science rules!

Session 7, July 30-August 3: Habitat Art
Explore the many habitats of Odiorne Point State Park with us, gaining inspiration for a habitat work of art. Will your masterpiece reflect the calm of the salt marsh, or the toil of the waves on the rocky shore? Various artistic mediums will be available for our use, and guest artists will visit us throughout the week.

Session 8, August 6-10: Predators of the Sea and Shoreline
In the ocean game of life, it is often eat-or-be eaten! Come learn about the hunters of the sea and shoreline as we discuss shark senses, octopus venom and more. We’ll have plenty of time to play some fun predator games outside in the Park. What is your favorite ocean predator?

Session 9, August 13-17: H2O Today: Go Blue!
This week we will dive into our new H2O Today Smithsonian exhibit and its many interactive components, including Weather Machine II, H2O Under the Microscope, and Pump It Out! We’ll gain a better understanding of the importance of clean water in our lives and the effects of water on our climate and health of our blue planet. Outside, we’ll play fun water games to keep us cool.

Session 10, August 20-24: Life on the Sea: Sailors to Pirates 
There are many reasons people take to the sea, and there are many types of ocean-faring vessels. We’ll spend the week learning the ins-and-outs and ups-and-downs of a life at sea and how sailor and pirate ships have changed over the years. Come dressed as a Pirate on Friday, the last day of camp!

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Seaside Safari – Stewards

Stewards spend the day immersed in nature, learning about complex ecosystems, as well as how humans interact with and impact them. The goal of this program is to teach campers how to become responsible stewards of the natural environment through hands-on learning, interesting projects and productive outdoor activities.

Time: 9am-3pm, unless otherwise noted
Full week of day trips: $350 member/$375 non-member
Per day trip: $70 member/$75 non-member
Pre-care: $12 per day (begins at 7:30am)
After-care: $15 per day (until 5:30pm)
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Monday, July 9: Browne Center Challenge Course, Durham, NH
Learn leadership and team building skills while challenging yourself to overcome obstacles on a challenge course.

Tuesday, July 10: Peaks Island Adventure, Portland, ME
We’ll take a short ferry ride to Peaks Island in Casco Bay. Once on the island, you’ll have the option of renting bikes or kayaks to explore this small island in groups, and then enjoy a stop at the ice cream parlor!

Wednesday, July 11: Whale Watch and Marine Mammals, Rye Harbor, NH
Come on a whale watch and discover some cool facts about the mammals of the Gulf of Maine.

Thursday, July 12: McLane Audubon Center, Concord, NH
Visit NH Audubon’s longest established nature center. The nature center has exhibits, live animals and several miles of hiking trails to take advantage of.

Friday, July 13: Great Bay Discovery Center, Greenland, NH & Mt. Agamenticus York, ME
At the Center, interactive displays about salt marsh farming, salmon migration, plankton, tides and research will teach us about the Great Bay Estuary. Heading to Mt. Agamenticus in Maine, we’ll discuss watershed health, after a short hike to the summit.


Come paddle Little Harbor, Great Bay, and our coastal rivers. Monday and Tuesday are best for paddlers with little or no kayaking experience; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are for experienced paddlers. All equipment is provided. Register now!


SeaPerch is an innovative program which leads campers the building and testing of a small underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The SeaPerch program provides campers with hands-on learning experience which incorporates robotics, engineering, science and mathematics. Register now!


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Monday, August 13: Take Flight High Adventure Ropes Course, York ME
Learn leadership and team building skills while challenging yourself to overcome obstacles on a ropes course.

Tuesday, August 14: Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals
We’ll visit the Shoals Marine Lab on Appledore Island to learn about the research taking place, future career opportunities, and then explore the island’s windswept trails.

Wednesday, August 15: Eco-Surf at Jenness Beach, Rye, NH
Help clean up a local beach and learn about wave physics while receiving a surf lesson. Wetsuits and surf gear are provided.

Thursday, August 16: Mt. Major, Alton, NH
A short hike up Mt. Major (1,785 feet) provides spectacular panoramic views of Lake Winnipesaukee. We’ll discuss watershed ecology on the way up!

Friday, August 17: Gregg Marine Research Complex, New Castle, NH & Gundalow Sail, Portsmouth, NH
Learn about ongoing research relating to marine life in the Gulf of Maine in areas ranging from ocean acidification to population biology, and take a sail on a historic gundalow, learning about the maritime history of the Piscataqua region. All hands on deck!

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