Seabrook’s Nature & Science Center. Best Kept Activity Secret (Not Anymore!).

Did you know that Seabrook Nuclear Power Station has a free educational science and nature center? Did you know you can find a Barbie doll, a bicycle and a rare orange and white lobster inside? This is going to be fun.

The self-guided tour starts out with a simulated elevator ride 260 feet below sea level through granite bedrock to Seabrook Station’s cooling tunnels. From there, you enter into a hands-on educational exhibit where you can learn about the station’s history and creation, lessons on nuclear fuel and electricity and information on radiation and uranium. This all sounds a little much for younger kids to absorb, but the exhibits are created in a way that is interesting and interactive (read: lots of lights and ceiling-high displays).

In addition to all the “scientific” lessons, there’s also a large room that focuses on New Hampshire ecosystem surrounding the station including many live aquariums (one has a gigantic blue lobster!) and a touch tank with lots of live hermit crabs, starfish and other marine life. How cool!

After we completed our inside tour, we grabbed a map and headed outside to walk along the beautiful Owascoag Nature Trail. The ¾ mile boardwalk is a fantastic trail for kids and adults alike and winds through the habitats of the salt marsh and surrounding woodlands. In addition to the educational aspect of the trail, it’s a gorgeous walk and they have one of those outdoor binocular things that the beach usually charges .25 to look through (this one’s free!). Highly recommend it. There is also a nice outdoor picnic area if you are so inclined to bring snacks or lunch.

The Seabrook Nature & Science Center is FREE and open to the public by appointment only. The center is open for field trips, however when we visited, we were the only people there. Score. Don’t forget to pick up a pencil and plant-sticker pinwheel when you leave!

Seabrook’s Nature & Science Center
Route 1, Seabrook NH 603-773-7219

P.S. Don’t forget your driver’s license as you will need to use it for identification upon entering the grounds.

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