Restaurant Review: The Airfield Cafe

Did you know that there’s an airport in North Hampton? Better yet, did you know there’s an adjacent restaurant where you can grab a meal and be at the center of all the action? Come fly with me!

The Vibe
The Airfield Café is appropriately named seeing as it IS a café that’s ON an airfield. Next door to this family-owned restaurant is a small airplane hangar and field which is dotted with biplanes and other small aircraft. Grab a table and enjoy watching the airplanes take off and land on the airstrip directly in front of the restaurant—quite an exciting show for the kids or any aviation enthusiast!

The outside deck offers several umbrella-covered tables (primo viewing for the airplanes) which are great for dining during warmer weather. My kids wanted to eat inside on this particular day since, during their last visit, they found the box of airplanes, helicopters and other toys in a small box near the entrance. The inside of the café is decorated with airplanes hanging from the ceiling and has that comfortable, small town airport-eatery feel to it. We were given a cup of crayons and cute coloring mats (thumbs up!). All that, coupled with the air show which is visible through the café’s windows, my kids were, needless to say, aptly entertained.

On The Menu
The café is open all year round, seven days a week for breakfast and lunch only. The breakfast menu serves the usual egg, pancake and french toast favorites, but also offers some “fancier” dishes like Maryland Crabcake Benedict, steak and eggs, Belgian Waffles and crepes topped with fruit or ice cream! The lunch menu is quite extensive consisting of over twenty different sandwich and burger options ($4.50-$7.50), salads ($4-$12) and fried seafood plates ($7-$13.50). If you are in the mood to splurge, order up a frappe, milk shake, ice cream soda or a “Papa Joe” which is an iced coffee with ice cream, yum!

Truth be told, I’ve only eaten here for breakfast so although I cannot attest to the lunch items, the breakfasts are simple yet tasty—however I’ve noticed they don’t use a lot of fresh ingredients which is kind of a bummer. Case in point: They used canned mushrooms in my omelet. Wah wah wah. But the homefries were definitely homemade and pretty delish. We also ordered an Eggs Benedict and some pancakes for the kiddos, which they ate lickity-split. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a kids’ menu for breakfast or lunch; however they are willing to make half-orders of anything on the menu for the little ones.

What’s The Damage
For four of us, the bill came to $31 which is a little on the high side for breakfast in my opinion, but you can’t beat the atmosphere. When the planes are flying, it’s a great show for everyone. And don’t worry, it’s not like eating alongside a Logan runway. The small planes aren’t distractingly loud and don’t pump out an obnoxious exhaust all over your meal. It’s good, clean fun.

The Bottom Line (based on a five-star rating):
Distraction Offering: ????? (sitting inside or out, there’s plenty to keep your eyes and hands occupied)
Atmosphere: ????  (sitting outside is fun, but the inside is cute, too)
Food: ???  (simple and good, but I would have liked to see fresher ingredients used)
Affordability: ???¾  (pretty middle of the road)
Service: ????  (always friendly and accommodating)




Airfield Café
9A Lafayette Road, North Hampton (603) 964-1654
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 7:00am-2:00pm

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  1. Amy

    I absolutely love the Airfield Cafe! I take my kids at least once a week. I think their lobster rolls are the best on the seacoast.

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