The Reading ‘Room’ answers parents’ “SOS” around homework time!

As parents, we know that one of the most challenging parts of the family’s day is “homework time”. Expressing the importance of academics to kids is right up there with “candy is bad for your teeth”—does not compute. Leslie Bowering, a devoted educator and the director of The Reading ‘Room’ for Kids in Rye NH is here to help parents and students discover techniques for making learning fun and interesting.

The Reading ‘Room’ Mission
The mission of The Reading ‘Room’ for Kids is to provide a calming and quiet academic learning environment for struggling students. Leslie’s teaching philosophy is built on the premise that each student is unique—and each student learns in their own unique way. The Reading ‘Room’ techniques and strategies are tailored to the needs of each child so that he or she can achieve every possible measure of success.

Skill-Building Sessions
Leslie provides 2-3 hour skill-building sessions purposefully designed to promote the joy of learning. Longer sessions allow your child a unique opportunity to place laser-like focus on their homework assignments that can be completed by the end of each session. Imagine! Stress-free dinner conversations! No more hectic nights rushing through homework assignments, studying for spelling tests, and completing research papers!

Session features include:

  • Small group (3 student maximum) homework/tutoring sessions accentuates the ‘work’ in homework, ages K-6
  • One-room school house teaching philosophy where younger and older cooperate in the learning process
  • Integrate hands-on lessons to foster real world solutions that will reinforce homework assignments or skill-building challenges
  • Executive skill-building: Foster self-esteem, self-reliance, and independence in students
  • Read-Alouds: To reinforce the day’s learning, each student will be encouraged to stand up in front of the group to ‘teach’ what he/she has gleaned from the day’s homework assignment or skill-building challenge
  • Fostering self-esteem in my students is one of the cornerstones of my reading room. Resilient students will be encouraged to think; to problem-solve without giving up, as a way to reach their full potential.

Family Involvement is Key
Family involvement is the cornerstone to a child’s personal schoolhouse of knowledge because it’s the family that determines how, why, where, when, and from whom their child will learn. A familial consultation is required prior to scheduling either homework and/or skill-building sessions, at which time we assess and discuss the academic needs of your child. An educational tutelage schedule will be created and agreed upon based on specific academic needs required.

The Students – Kindergarten to 6th Grade
Leslie caters to students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. We work in a calm, serene environment conducive to concentration where the room for learning can be truly endless. Consideration is given to the various types of learning styles (i.e. visual, tactile, physical, and verbal, to name a few) and we offer academic skill-building to small groups of three students in each 2-3 hour session. The multi-aged model is based on my experience that an older student will ‘perform’ for the younger student and the younger student will ‘look up’ to the older one.

The Reading ‘Room’ for Kids is a skill-building shop custom-designed for parents who prefer that their children continue to grow academically, physically, emotionally, and responsibly. Learning doesn’t end with the school day.

The Reading ‘Room’ For Kids
1247 Washington Road, Suite #5
Rye, NH 03870
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