Pre-K Skate at Rye Airfield is back running weekly every Tuesday!

Do you have an active pre-school age kids (5 & under) who’d love to experience Rye Airfield without all the intimidating big kids around? Every Tuesday from 9:30am-11:30am are reserved for little guys and gals to explore the park by going up, over, around and down the ramps on foot. There’s also a homeschool session available. Here are the deets:

Pre-K Session

In the Pre-K session, anything goes! Kids can run and play to get familiar with ramps or bring something to ride (kick bikes are the biggest hit, followed by scooters). Balls, hula hoops, cars etc are always a hit, Tonka trucks appeared last year too, along with bikes, boards and scoots.

Dates & Times: Tuesdays from 9:30am-11:30am
$5 per family

Hints for Pre-K parents: Long pants are a plus, stay away from materials that snag easily like those funky gym shorts and pants. Bring hand wipes, they will get a little dirty. Snacks are always a hit and will make your visit more fun.

Pre-K/Homeschool Session

The Homeschool/Pre-K session is for 18 & under only, must be accompanied by an adult during the session unless prior arrangements have been made with the General Manager. The home school session is not open to kids who have a half day of school or no school.

Dates & Times: Tuesdays from 12:30pm-2:30pm
$5 per person

FYI: Pre-Schoolers are allowed to attend the afternoon homeschool session– while the run and play aspect will still be present, we will have to contain it to a smaller area during the afternoon.

FYI: Rye Airfield generally follows the local school calendar and no school guidelines with regard to cancellations. We recommend always calling ahead as schedules are subject to change. This means that we will not offer Pre-K Sessions or Home School Sessions during vacation weeks.

Pre-K & Home School Sessions end Mid-June for summer vacation and resume just after Labor Day.

Rye Airfield (RAF) has been base camp to both skaters and bikers for more than ten years offering over 50,000 sq ft of space. The skate park is set up to accommodate any experience level from beginner to expert.

Rye Airfield Pre-K and Home School Sessions
170 Lafayette Road, Rye NH (603) 964-2800

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  1. Amy M

    I love this idea! But just a thought for those of us who work full time….a pre-k session on weekends and during summer weekdays would be great as well. Otherwise, we’ll never be able to make one during the work day. :(

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