(Serving Newington, Portsmouth, Rye, Hampton, North Hampton, Seabrook, Salisbury, Amesbury, Newburyport)

Had your fill of grocery aisle tantrums over Batman/Princess gummies or being forced to shop on Saturday nights? The online shopping and home delivery arm of Stop & Shop is now servicing the seacoast! You can order all your groceries online and they will deliver for the date and time you schedule. Next day service is available as long as you place your order before 3pm the prior day. Delivery times begin at 8:00am and go until 10:00pm. Sanity returns.

Visit  www.peapod.com and punch in your zip code to see if you are lucky enough to be in their service area.

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  1. BostonExpats

    We used Peapod when living in MA and it was wonderful! Online ordering couldn’t be easier and the prices are the same as in-store. Coupons accepted too!

  2. SavvyShopper

    I’ve heard people are concerned with the produce, not true! Everything is always fresh and in great shape. And if not, they’ll refund you, no problem!

  3. TwoUnder3

    So what you’re telling me is I can get my groceries delivered to my door instead of dragging my toddler and infant to the grocery store? Where do I sign??

  4. HHurtt

    I’ve been waiting for years for this to come here as so many friends do it in other places! Does anyone have s sense whether they offer a good selection of organic fruits and veggies…grass fed meats…etc?

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