Today's Pick: "Kids Make Music Mondays" At The Stone Church

Rock on! Every Monday night from 4:30pm – 7:00pm, the Stone Church invites kids of all ages to participate in an instrument-making workshop! Grab your supplies (which are every-day items found around your house), your favorite musical youngster(s) and head over to the Stone Church for this super-cool activity. Families can grab dinner, make their own instrument and end the evening with a kid-fueled jam session, oh yeah! The Stone Church offers a casual atmosphere where kids and adults alike are free to relax and enjoy themselves with great music and great food and cold drinks. Go ahead, be a star.

Instrument Schedule:

Monday, February 22nd- Didgeridoo
BRING: Paper tube, or wrapping paper tube, paper towel, multiple toilet paper rolls. 

Monday, March 1st- Kazoo
BRING: a hair comb
*All other supplies provided

 The Stone Church
5 Granite Street, Newmarket NH (603-292-3546)

For more information, please contact Joy at The Stone Church via email at

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