Restaurant Review: Silver Moon Crepêrie

We’ve been hearing rave reviews of Silver Moon Crepêrie in Dover for some time now and decided it was time to get our crepe on. This cozy restaurant (formerly Jake’s) is perfectly casual and comfortable. On the menu? Crepes. Every kind imaginable. They offer both sweet and savory options, all guaranteed to be delicious. Everything is made to order and is prepared on the special crepe griddle right behind the counter, which is like built-in entertainment for the kids. For children, there is something so mesmerizing about watching people prepare food.

Order up! Because we wanted to cover a wide demographic for this dining experience, we brought along two 3 year old product testers who managed to inhale an entire crepe each within minutes. Oh, and here was the pièce de résistance: Sitting atop the kids’ crepes were two small plastic dinosaurs. Delicious food that comes with a toy? They were sold. The adults opted for the savory options which were delivered in the most perfectly folded package of goodness. By the time we were through, we all earned the “Clean Plate Award”. Not a speck a food was left over. Now that’s good eatin’.

 Seating consists of both tables and bar stools, but space is somewhat limited so if you are bringing the family, you might want to avoid peak weekend brunch times and head in a little earlier. Which won’t be a problem if you’re a family with young kids because you’ll have been up for hours and hours at that point anyways.

Silver Moon Crepêrie is cute, fun, family-owned and soooo yummy. And everything is served with a smile. There’s something to be said for eating local.

Silver Moon Crepêrie
(P.S. — hit up the ATM, they accept cash only!)
20 3rd Street, Dover, NH 03820 (adjacent to the Strand Theatre)
(603) 742-6150

Wednesday through Friday, 10AM to 4PM
Saturday & Sunday, 10AM to 3PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday

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