Happy 4th Birthday to SKC! Please help us grow by suggesting our page to your FB friends!

This week marks the 4th Birthday of seacoastkidscalendar.com! We’ve had so much fun and are looking for 2013 to be another big year for growth, but we can’t do it without the help of you—our best fans!

If you think our calendar is great, if you think our articles are useful and funny, if you like us…if you really like us, please give us the best birthday present ever and spread the word about SeacoastKidsCalendar by becoming a fan and/or inviting your Facebook friends to become a fan.

Here’s how to invite your friends to become a fan of SeacoastKidsCalendar on Facebook:

  • Select Share from the menu under the SKC’s cover photo
  • In the box, choose “On a Friend’s Timeline” from the Share drop-down
  • Insert friend’s name into box and select their profile (unfortunately, you can only choose one friend at a time)
  • Include a message and invite to ‘Like’ the page
  • Click ‘Share Page’

Our fans come in all shapes and sizes like parents, babysitters, school chums, advisors, grandparents, the lady at the bank—anyone who likes kids and likes to do fun stuff would love SeacoastKidsCalendar!

Thanks for helping us celebrate our birthday, we’re looking ahead to many, many more! Now go get your fun on!

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