Breathe new life into your home! Local decorator, Cynthia Clark Interiors, shows us how.

Have you always thought that hiring an interior designer is a luxury for other people and not you? Think again. SKC chatted with local interior designer and mother of two, Cynthia Clark.

I’ve never hired an interior designer because I thought I couldn’t afford it. Is that a myth?
I’ve worked with clients with all kinds of budgets! When customers need to save money, I recommend they hire me for a single one-hour consultation. I help them by giving them a direction and resources to investigate. When you have a plan, it helps assign priorities and inspirations for moving forward.

My house is filled with cheap stuff I regret buying but I needed to fill a space. Bad idea, right?
Well, you get what you pay for. I like to promote quality stuff to last so if we work together on purchasing furniture, decor or design, it’s going to be good quality, but maybe less of it. My goal is to help people create homes that they love the look of and function with quality items that they will want to keep for a lifetime.

How can an interior designer help create a beautiful environment that works with families?
Many people think, “Why bother? The children will ruin the furniture anyway!” Being a mother of two myself, I know what to look for as far as durability. When selecting upholstery I select fabrics that are strong enough to withstand wear and tear and choose an intricate design so stains are less obvious. Same with furniture. Don’t wait until the kids are older to create a space you enjoy, just make the right choices. No eating in the living room does help.  If you must throw a blanket over the furniture for movie night.

You can get some pretty great discounts for clients, right?
Yes. I attend trade shows and visit showrooms and factories throughout the country, so I have established accounts with carefully selected companies to provide you with better discounts unique items that you typically don’t see in your average store or showroom. Don’t get me wrong things still cost a lot of money however, the value is there. I can also work by the hour if you would like to purchase through local stores.

Can you work with what people have in their homes already?
Definitely! Rearranging furniture layouts, hanging existing artwork in places you wouldn’t have thought and moving around small decor is a unique way you can make your old stuff look new again. People usually love this service because it’s instant gratification. As a mother, I know some children don’t like change so sometimes we have them help out– gives them a sense of ownership and comfort.

What do you recommend for making the biggest impact on a small budget?
Painting a room a new color adds new life for around $40. Yard sales are a great way to find interesting accessories or small furniture.  I love the idea of making an extra large bulliton board out of bright colors for children (many ideas on pinterest).  They can put whatever they want on it without ruining the walls.

What are your steadfast rules for decorating?
Furnishing your home can be a labor of love and it doesn’t happen overnight. Consider this when decorating:

  1. Keep your anchor pieces neutral so you can easily change your color scheme by changing smaller items such as pillows and accessories.
  2. Have a scaled floor plan drafted. This is great to help you determine which items you need and the dimensions of whatever you purchase.
  3. Have a long term plan and always keep a look out for what you need. You will most likely find things where you least expect it.
  4. Do get items that you absolutely love!  If you find an item such as a lamp, pillow or artwork and you love it but are worried that it won’t go with your house — get it.  Most likely you can make room for what you really like and if your worried that it doesn’t coordinate perfectly, who cares as long as you enjoy it!
  5. Don’t buy things that you don’t really love. Don’t settle for things that you don’t like just because they happen to be less expensive or the perfect size, etc.  If your not happy with an item from the start, you’ll eventually want to replace them and end up spending more.  Trust your gut– it’s all about what you and your family desire and need!

I’m in the middle of renovating my kitchen and am overwhelmed matching tile, back splash, cabinets and hardware. Can you help with that, too?
Absolutely. Many people call me once the houses are “turnkey”, ready to furnish however, the jobs where I get to work on finish materials, such as stone, tile, hardware, cabinetry and molding, with the architect and builder are even more outstanding.  When your tile is exquisitely placed and moldings have more character your home will look much richer.

Awesome! Give us an entire list of your services.
I can help with pretty much anything as it relates to your home including:

  • Paint selections for a room or an entire home
  • Re-purposing your own furnishings with a room makeover
  • Floor plans including lighting
  • Window treatment designs
  • Artwork
  • Furniture and fabric selections
  • Accessory selections and placement
  • Create a master plan
  • Kitchen designs
  • Built-in designs

About Cynthia Clark Interiors
Cynthia Clark Interior’s mission is to create timeless interiors with a modern touch while being functional and tasteful to meet the client’s needs. For valuable information and inspiration like Cynthia Clark Interiors on Facebook and follow on Pinterest. For more information, please call 603.929.2987 visit

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