Awesome outdoor activity! Story Walk at Mt. Agamenticus features “Blanding’s Turtle Story”!

Love some time outdoors with the little ones? Mt. Agamenticus welcomes families to their outdoor hike/story time!

The Story Walk program combines the benefits of physical activity, time outdoors in nature, literacy and family time by taking children’s books and posting them, in pieces, along a recreational path or hiking trail.

Discover this summer’s double feature:

A Blanding’s Turtle Story and A Monarch Butterfly Story by Melissa Kimn and illustrated by Jada Fitch.

To find the story start at the base parking lot (where Mountain Road meets Ring Trail) and follow the pages along the western side of the Ring Trail (left at first fork) to Witch Hazel Trail and finish near the summit. Enjoy!

Story Walk at Mt. Agamenticus
Mount Agamenticus, Mountain Road, York, ME
Open every day from dawn to dusk


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