Ask It! Answer It! Chatter Box, Our New Community Forum, Is In The House.

SeacoastKidsCalendar proudly introduces “Chatter Box”, our online community forum where SKC readers can post questions, comments, reply to others or simply read messages from our members.

Message categories include General (anything goes!), Entertainment (fun stuff), Restaurants (with or without the kids) and At Home (domestic bliss). Have a recommendation on the newest indoor gym? Post it! Need a suggestion for a family-friendly restaurant that can accommodate large groups? Ask it! Able to answer a reader’s question about the best place to buy school supplies? Share it!

Here’s how it works:

Click on the Chatter Box link  located in the upper right side of our homepage. Registration is required to post or reply to messages, but signing up couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the register link, type in your name (this will be your screen name so feel free to get creative), email address and password and voila, you’re in. You will also receive an email with your username and password for your reference in case you forget down the line. PS: When you post messages, only your username will appear (not your email address).

Posting Messages
Once you register, log in via the Chatter Box page using your username and password. To post a message, click into the appropriate category and click “new topic”. You can then enter and submit your question or comment. Keep it clean people, this is a family site after all.

Replying To Messages
Have a response or can answer a user’s question? To reply, follow the link to their post and click “reply” located above the original message.

The Chatter Box is an excellent way to connect with other seacoast parents who are in the know about our community. We just love it when a plan comes together. Ready to begin? Register now! See you in cyberspace.