College prep doesn’t start in the 12th grade. Let APPLICANTedge be your guide.

If you know anyone who went through the college application and admission process in the last few months, you know how stressful it can be for the entire family. Yuck. APPLICANTedge, a college prep consultancy company in North Hampton, NH offers what every family with college-bound kids need. Help. Big time.

What does APPLICANTedge do?
APPLICANTedge is a small, highly experienced team of consultants specializing in the admissions industry. As experienced former college admission officers, we work with students throughout the various stages of the educational search process in an effort to enhance candidacy at highly recognized boarding schools and universities. Students and parents will develop more insight into the trends and background of the admissions world and learn techniques to better prepare themselves for the busy months and important stages ahead.

When should we start the college search and preparation process?
It is never too early to start. Although our college application packages are designated for high school students, they also consult with parents and students below grade 9, especially those looking to get a head start on understanding the process. Their role is to be there for your family, to work alongside your child, and to present an impressive and unique application package.

How can we benefit from using a service like APPLICANTedge?
College prep and applications can be a very stressful time for kids and their parents. By using a third-party, it eliminates the feeling that “my parents are making all the decisions” and empowers them to participate in their own growth and development. Because students are worked with on an individual basis, consultants help each student capitalize on his/her strengths and interests, maintain a strong sense of self-worth, and discover schools that are a good match for his/her particular profile.

What areas does APPLICANTedge focus on?

  • Academic course selection & extra-curricular activity assessment and recommendations
  • Development/multiple drafts of college and/or boarding school application list based on comprehensive evaluation of goals
  • Development of standardized testing strategy
  • Assistance with understanding and managing outside scholarship applications
  • Computerized Assessment exam to help determine appropriate/potential college majors
  • College or boarding school application organization-detailed plan of action for each institution
  • Drafting college or boarding school  applications and interview preparation
  • Presentation of student’s participation in extra-curricular activities, athletic involvement, internship, research, and employment by developing a student resume
  • Supervision while filling out college or boarding school applications from start to finish, ensuring all deadlines are met

Can’t we just do this on our own?
Of course you can, but it comes with a host of family stress and anxiety that doesn’t need to exist. Also, the APPLICANTedge consultants live, eat and breathe college. They know what admissions boards look favorably, and not favorably, upon and there’s no “do over” allowed for high school transcripts.

What does it cost?
APPLICANTedge offers various package options, depending on the level of assistance needed. We find that package options tend to be the most popular with our clientele as they incorporate all steps of the college application process. Please contact our office to learn more or to set up your initial appointment.

122 Lafayette Road, North Hampton NH
(603) 964-2919

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