Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm.
Open on Monday, October 10 – Columbus day.

Apple Annie is a small apple orchard with 270 trees, off the beaten track, a quiet and friendly place for a family outing. Whether you pick your own apples or buy apples already picked, you are welcome to take your time, walk around the orchard, picnic if you want, or just sit and relax.

In the fall Apple Annie offers low-spray apples (pick your own or picked by us), unpasteurized apple cider, fall vegetables (including squash and pumpkins), jams and jellies from our produce (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, rhubarb, peach), apple pie, apple cider donuts and other delicious baked goods.

Apple Annie’s goal is a sound, healthy, tasty apple, not an apple with an unblemished complexion; therefore we use as little as possible of the least toxic chemicals we know of in spraying.

We believe that the flavor of an apple, or any other food, is enhanced by connection with the place where it was grown, and we hope that you will feel that connection here. Nearly everything we sell in the farm store is made here, as much as possible from our own produce, and we sell only here at the orchard and at a few local outlets.

Come visit Apple Annie at 66 Rowell Road East, Brentwood, New Hampshire for a rustic, family outing. We promise plenty of apples and a friendly farm dog to greet you!

Contact: Wayne and Laurie Loosigian
(603) 778-3127


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